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Opening academic year 2015-2016

31 August 2015

You are warmly invited to attend the opening of TU Delft’s 2015/16 academic year on Monday 31 August.

Theme for the opening this year is ‘connecting the dots’. Connecting the dots means building a network. A network that consists of knowledge, opportunities, resources and people. At TU Delft you get the opportunity to connect with some of the best professors in the world, or with spectacular research labs. Together, we form a network that can make big things happen: improving life on planet Earth, or in outer space.

The dots can be anything, anyone, or anywhere. You choose. It is the learning to connect that is important. Choosing TU Delft is an important mark in your educational career. It means having access to all the key elements that help you built a network for success, for life. 

Welcome to TU Delft, where you connect the dots.


The official programme starts at 15:30 in the Auditorium and will be hosted by Anka Mulder.

At 17:00 we will move to the foyer in order to raise a glass together to a successful academic year.


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