Anka Mulder,
will start our journey with a look at the world of the future engineer.

Dirk Jan van den Berg,
will share his personal international experiences and insights.

André Kuipers,
will be answering questions from the TU Delft community. André has been to the International Space Station twice: do you have a burning question to put to him? If so, submit it along with the registration form.

Opening academic year 2014-2015

1 september 2014

Our first-year students are about to embark on their student career here at the TU Delft community, where students and scientists from all over the globe converge. What better place to develop academic knowledge and skills, to explore talents, to interact with others and share ideas and experiences?

All in all a great starting point for a successful career – but is that enough? Because if you really aspire to rise above yourself, you will need more than that. Curiosity and passion, the eagerness to explore your own talents and most importantly a global mind: the willingness to look at subjects from all angles. Because by looking at a problem from different frames of reference, possibilities for solving it become easier to discover. In the words of Albert Einstein: ‘You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.’

At our opening of the academic year 2014 - 2015, we will take you on a journey and inspire you to explore your talents and be ready to look at subjects from different angles.


The programme starts at 15.30 and will close around 16.45 with a reception in the Foyer at the Aula Conference Centre TU Delft.The doors of the Auditorium will open at 15.00. You are kindly requested to be present fifteen minutes before the programme starts. The official language of the programme is English.

Student Inspiration Award

At TU Delft you are a member of our academic community, and that membership entails both rights and responsibilities. To emphasize this, we will present the Student Inspiration Award to a student who has made an inspiring contribution to our community.

Entrance is free. Please register so that we’ll know you’re coming – and don’t forget that question for André!

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