The doors of the Auditorium will open at 15.00. Please be present fifteen minutes before the programme starts.

Aula Conference Centre TU Delft, Mekelweg 5, 2628 CC Delft.

Opening academic year 2016-2017

5 September 2016

You are warmly invited to attend the opening of TU Delft’s 2016/2017 academic year on Monday 5 September.

What will the future be like? At the speed our world is changing, it is almost impossible to predict. That means uncertainty, but also lots of opportunities to shape it. And the most powerful tool we have for this is our imagination. It makes us look at the world in new ways, find hidden patterns and make connections between the seemingly unrelated.

We will take you on a journey where we will explore the idea of creativity as a tool for innovation and change, and we will see how our speakers have embraced the unexpected in their lives and careers. 

The official programme starts at 15:30 in the Auditorium and will be hosted by Anka Mulder.

Creativity & Your future

  • Opening by Anka Mulder vice-president Education & Operation TU Delft
  • Anka Mulder welcomes Tim van der Hagen, the new President of the Executive Board of the TU Delft

Creativity & Design

  • ‘Design in a World Awash with Ideas’ - Roberto Verganti, Professor of Leadership and Innovation at Politecnico di Milano

Creativity & The Unexpected Mind

Creativity & Inspiration

  • Interview with former TU student Chokri Mousaoui and TU Delft alumnus Hanan Al Kutubi, moderated by Anka Mulder
  • Inspiration Award by Karel Luyben, Rector Magnificus TU Delft
  • Short closing by Anka Mulder
  • Reception/drinks

At 17:00 we will move to the foyer in order to raise a glass together to a successful academic year.

The programme is in English.


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